About Us

A General Sports Organization located in Lagos and Paris to promote boxing events and manage new talented athletes.

FELACHAMP PROMOTION is a General Sports Organization which has its headquarters in Paris, France, while community project for Youth Development is held in Lagos, Nigeria.

The CEO and Founder, Oladimeji Akinde, is a Nigerian Professional boxer, Promoter, Manager and Agent.

We have been running Boxing events since 2019 in Lagos and, in October 2020, we opened a French branch to extend our reach and create new and exciting opportunities for Nigerian – and African – young boxers. First and foremost, we aim to keep the Youth out of street life, drug abuse, violence and other social vices that destroy our beloved country, Nigeria.

THE Primary Objective of our events is to give hope to hundreds of children, to encourage them to aspire to a better tomorrow and to greater things for themselves and for our Community, to prevent criminal activities for children in conflict with the Law and help them develop a mindset as future Leaders, turning them away from moral decadence.

We are a self-financed organization and receive donations from individuals. We are currently looking for investors, sponsors, partners and donors (financially, materially, or by other means) to help us reach our objectives. All help is welcome!